We are lovers of iced tea, and especially organic iced tea.

Fed up with plastic, because it's not environmentally friendly, we decided to make our own iced tea in large glass bottles, 6 to 8 litres at a time.

The result is pretty good, but making homemade iced tea takes time...
And 6 to 8 bottles in a fridge takes up a lot of space.

As every problem has its solution, we came up with the idea of making iced tea concentrate in syrup form.

Today, Siroscope can be found on the menus of the finest cafés, bistros and refreshment bars, as well as in some of the finest grocery shops in gourmet Switzerland.

Our facility is small but perfectly equipped. In particular, we have a professional machine for sterilising bottles and instruments.

To ensure that our syrup is as consistent and safe as possible, we have banned all plastic containers and spatulas from our preparation!

As well as using water renowned for its excellent quality, we only use ingredients that are organically grown and certified as such by our suppliers.
If, by any chance, we were to include something that wasn't, we'd be sure to let you know on our labelling. Because transparency goes hand in hand with trust!

Bottling, packaging and above all transporting 1 litre of bottled water consumes up to 1000 times more energy than distributing 1 litre of tap water. When we buy a drink in a shop, we are essentially transporting water. This makes no sense, given that in Switzerland we are lucky enough to have excellent quality water at home.

Our country is one of the world's leading recyclers of PET bottles, but although this initiative is commendable, it is very energy-intensive. If we got into the habit of reducing our consumption of disposable packaging, we would drastically reduce our environmental impact.

What's more, although significant progress has been made, drinks in plastic bottles contain twice as many hormones as those in glass bottles or tap water. In other words, plastic packaging releases endocrine disruptors into what it contains, and that's bad for our health and for for nature.

In the same vein, we have chosen organic Swiss beet sugar over organic cane sugar produced on other continents, so as to reduce our food miles. Mindful of all these points, we strive to produce a quality syrup that is as good for the environment as it is tasty, and we hope you'll be pleased with us!